What We Do

Congregations for the Homeless works to end homelessness in East King County, Washington. We do this by helping men to successfully make the transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Our agency offers 6 services:

From homeless to housing, one man at a time.

All work together to give a single man the path to a stable productive life.


Volunteer of the Month

Jennifer Defluri – Hair Stylist Extraordinaire!

For two years, Jennifer has been providing haircuts in the Year-Round shelter.  Every other month Jennifer provides haircuts – sometimes as many as 10 cuts an evening.  Through her time in serving CFH clients, Jennifer has grown a heart for the mission; recently Jennifer accepted a position with Plymouth Housing as an Outreach Specialist to further pursue the service of those in need.

When asked about her commitment to working with our men, Jennifer shared, “Everyone has problems and issues, but we’re all people.”

It’s the heart of volunteers like Jennifer that make a difference in the lives of our men each and every day!