Estate Planning

Create a legacy through CFH

Through estate planning at CFH, you have the opportunity to establish a legacy that will last for generations, creating a brighter future for men experiencing homelessness for years to come.

Legacy gifts help us to build long-term financial stability for the programs we offer to our community of men.

Although there are many ways to leave a legacy at CFH, bequest and beneficiary designations are the most popular for their ease and simplicity:

Gifts in a will:

You can donate cash and/or appreciated stock, real estate, and personal property through your will by naming CFH as your choice of beneficiary. Click here for sample bequest language.

Beneficiary Designations:

You can donate life insurance and/or retirement plans (IRAS and 401Ks) by designating CFH as the beneficiary.

Please talk to your attorney or financial planner to determine what works best for you and your family. Often your advisor can show you options to give the same amount at lower cost, or how to give more to CFH without increasing the cost of giving.

For more information, please contact Kerry at or 509-989-9784.

Charitable Remainder Trust

By using assets or cash to fund a trust, you will receive income and a tax deduction the year you transfer your assets. The remainder goes to CFH after your lifetime or after a fixed period of time. 

The Welcome Home Legacy Society is a comprised of a group of CFH supporters who want to build a better future. Please contact us to learn more or to join. We would love to know if you plan to or have already included CFH in your will or estate. 

For more information, please contact Kerry at or 509-989-9784.

To join today, you can fill out the Legacy Society Commitment Form and email it to Kerry at the above address. 

 Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice. Please contact your attorney or financial advisor to determine what is best for your personal situation.