Permanent Housing

Housing Navigation

The CFH Navigation Program provides access to housing for men, women, and children who would otherwise be sleeping outdoors or in places that are not meant for human habitation. We do this through customized staff support in navigating an incredibly complex service and housing system, coupled with one-time direct financial assistance as needed to remove housing access barriers

CFH Housing

The CFH Housing Program provides 70 units of Permanent Housing with Supportive Services in scattered sites for single men transitioning from homelessness to stable living. Men pay rent equal to 30% of their income. Each man is connected to our community of supports through case managers, house managers, agency partners and other CFH staff. In 2019, our housing program had a 95.5% success rate of keeping men housed for two years or longer, or graduating them to other permanent housing.

On and Up Housing

The CFH On and Up Housing Program provides 20 units of permanent affordable housing with light supports for men transitioning from homelessness to stable living. CFH master leases 4 plus bedroom homes on the Eastside to serve men who have income, can afford rent of $500-$600 a month, and need light case management support.