Our Staff

Executive Director
David Bowling

Mike Moberly – Services and Programs Director
Shirley Tolstykh – Finance and Operations Director
Linda Hall – General Organization Support and Eastgate Campus Center Project

Kerry Dirk – Philanthropy Officer
Yvette Hall – Operations Coordinator
Brent Lo – Data Analyst 
Sterling Bentsen – Community Relations Liaison (Volunteer)


Mental Health

Doug Wheeler – Director
Dave Porter – Therapist
Lauren Stava – Social Worker

Outreach, Navigation & On & Up Housing

Keith Sellers – Manager
Skyler Sharp – Outreach Navigator

Permanent Housing
Ryan Murk – Manager
Dave Benishek – Case Manager
Faizah S. – Case Manager
Tom M. – Case Manager

Shelter Services
Jose Medrano – EMS Program Manager
James Norman – Case Manager Outreach and Navigation
Quinntin Hendrix-Wright – Meals Coordinator
Kayla Hodges – Rotating Shelter and Hotel Program Coordinator
Jose Medrano – Program Coordinator
Allen B. – Shelter Support
Brodie Z. – Shelter Support 
Darnell L. – Shelter Support 
Ermin N. – Shelter Support
Garrett L. – Shelter Support
Gina S. – Shelter Support
Isaac P. – Shelter Support
Ivan L. – Shelter Support
Jesusa M. – Shelter Support Lead
John G. – Shelter Support 
Kevin B. – Shelter Support
Kevin L. – Shelter Support
Lorne M. – Shelter Support
Miguel E. – Shelter Support
Olivia S. – Shelter Support
Percy L. – Shelter Support
Riley W. – Shelter Support
Roy E. – Shelter Support
Skyler S. – Shelter Support Lead