Meet Albert

Being homeless doesn’t just mean not having a place to sleep—it also means having to navigate all of the different services meant to help you find stable living. Even with support, this process can feel overwhelming and confusing. 

When Albert came to CFH earlier this year from another state, he dove straight into contacting every agency in the greater Puget Sound region to access support. With a long list of health problems, and having newly been approved for disability benefits, Albert had a lot to learn and needed to learn it fast. 

With his persistence and prompt replies, Albert was able to get one of just 50 apartments in a newly built YWCA apartment complex in downtown Tacoma. His rent would be set at 30% of his income—a necessity when living on a fixed income. Now all he had to do was wait until construction on his building was finished. 

CFH staff connected Albert with Auto Angels, who fixed his car so that he could safely make it to his new home.  Albert also connected with a primary care provider and made a half-dozen specialist appointments to make sure his health maintained under control. 

Along with his Case Manager, Albert went to view his new one-bedroom unit in Tacoma at the end of March. Because of his physical disability, Albert was given an ADA accessible unit should his health ever get worse and require him to use a wheelchair. For now, Albert is just thrilled to have a space to call home. 

Albert still has a lot of work to do to be able to achieve stability and manage living within his tight SSI budget, but thanks to his time here at CFH and his ability to navigate multiple organizations and advocate for himself, he has all the tools he needs to succeed.