Our Strategic Priorities
2019 - 2022

An Overview

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The Details

Develop and invest in evidence-based program models for effectively transforming the lives of men experiencing homelessness.

Goal 1:  CFH invests in programs and strategic partnerships that align with our vision, mission and values.

Goal 2:  CFH provides high quality and effective services known to transform lives for men experiencing homelessness.

Goal 3:  CFH provides a low-barrier resource for men experiencing homelessness through a year-round safe place to be day or night where they can engage in and access needed services.

 Promote the organization’s mission and success of its programs.

Goal 1:    CFH is seen as a trusted and valued community service provider by the men we serve, staff, funders, congregations, volunteers and the wider community. 

Goal 2:    CFH has a strong culture of intentional communication with staff, volunteers, the men served and the community.

Goal 3:    CFH is a recognized expert and a first point of contact by elected officials and media around the topic of homelessness, especially how to support men experiencing homelessness on the Eastside.

Strengthen organizational systems (i.e., people, processes, structure) to best meet current commitments and establish a platform for future growth.

Goal 1: CFH steadfastly cares for the people of CFH (staff, volunteers, board, men served) through living our values, identifying needs, training, recognition, and welcoming new voices.

Goal 2:  CFH maintains an organizational structure capable of fully actualizing mission.

Goal 3: CFH has an established platform on which to grow and expand its community impact.

Secure the funding to complete the men’s shelter by 2022 and establish a financial model capable of sustaining and broadening/growing our programs.

Goal 1:  CFH carries out a successful capital campaign.

Goal 2:   CFH has diversified funding sources capable of providing increased flexibility in its service delivery model.

Goal 3:   CFH advances a robust financial model capable of both sustaining and growing organizational programs.