Supportive Services

We provide a variety of supportive services ourselves and also partner with other outside providers to ensure we best meet the diverse needs of our clients. In addition to the following services, we help connect men to other resources such as medical and dental care, legal assistance, disability services, and veteran support services.

Case Management

Our Case Management program is key to a successful transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Our professional Case Managers provide one-on-one assistance, advocacy in obtaining necessary resources, encouragement in setting goals, and other support as needed to move men into stable living. Case Managers work with each man to create a unique, personalized strategy for helping him to move out of homelessness. 

Housing Navigation

The Housing Navigation Program provides access to housing for men, women, and children who are currently or at risk of experiencing homelessness. We do this through customized staff support in navigating an incredibly complex service and housing system coupled with one-time direct financial assistance as needed to remove housing access barriers.

Our Housing Navigator helps clients with affordable housing searches, assistance with completing housing applications, lease and debt negotiation, assistance with getting supporting documents, and more.  

We also use client assistance funds as necessary to remove barriers to housing by making payments directly to vendors. This might include rental deposits, costs associated with obtaining legal identifications, transportation costs to return home to family, etc. 

Mental Health

Through our Mental Health Program, a licensed therapist provides one-one-one and group support to our clients and staff as they navigate the traumatic stress of homelessness and deal with other mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and prior trauma. 

Addiction Support

Our Addiction Support Program—Serenity—provides men with the space and support they need to heal from addiction. This program includes daily AA style meetings, weekly classes on subjects related to addiction, and group sessions led by a Mental Health professional. Individuals also have access to a library of addition/recovery materials. 

Employment Navigation

CFH staff work with men to become employment-ready through resume-building sessions, mock interviews, and job search support. We also help men with skills assessments and gaps to help them identify and work toward new career opportunities.